Utilizing A Quality Elevator Company To Reduce Elevator Phobias

While the fear of elevators does not hold an official phobia in the dictionary, it is a common concept that creates a lot of despair for many people on a daily basis. While the causes of this phobia are many, it’s the actions we take now to minimize the fear. By focusing on the highest quality products and delivering excellent customer service, our elevator manufacturers are able to better serve our loyal clients.

Today, we’ll take a deeper look into the fears surrounding this useful device and how our quality elevator parts can help to roll back some of the more extreme phobias.


This unofficial term can be simply described as the fear of elevators.


As one of the top elevator manufacturers in the country, we understand that there is a small risk associated with riding an elevator. This statement rings true with nearly every aspect of our society. However, the misinformation surrounding elevator safety has led to years of unnecessary concern.

Modern elevators are held in place by numerous cables, with each one being strong enough to support thousands of pounds. If one were to fail, the elevator cab would remain safe and sound. It’s important to note that required inspections and maintenance make this scenario very highly unlikely. Even if a failure were to occur, an emergency braking system will engage and immobilize the cab, effectively counteracting many people’s fear of plummeting down the shaft.

Modern cabs are built for safety, offering the most protection in the event of an unlikely emergency. Reinforced to support the weight and protect the occupants, each elevator car comes with an emergency phone to ensure that getting trapped is never an issue. Doors are also designed to only open at designated stops, effectively minimizing the risk of falling out of the cab and down the shaft. When riding in an elevator, the most likely scenario you could face is having the system become stuck, leaving you trapped for an hour or two. While stressful, this occurrence results in little more than boredom, thirst, and a lack of plumbing.

Anyone still fearing the cable express can utilize several safety practices just to make doubly sure that every aspect is as safe as possible.


By simply laying out the basics of elevator safety, SSS hopes to reduce the associated anxiety. Citizens who continue to suffer from fear of riding can reach out to a professional for guidance, or they can observe a glass elevator in action at their local mall to see all of the components at work. If their phobia persists, it is highly recommended to seek out a professional for help. You and your clients’ lives shouldn’t be controlled by elevatophobia!

If you are a building manager or owner in need of quality elevator parts, SSS can help! Our quality products are coupled with the quickest turnaround time in the industry and our team is here to help you. Contact us today to see how we can help!