Things to Consider When Renovating an Elevator Cabine

Things to Consider When Renovating an Elevator Cabine

Whilst the mechanics of an elevator are important when it comes to renovation, the design of the cab’s interior should also be considered an essential component too. After all, this is what the passenger will see during their journey! Here at SSS, we understand how much of an impact a well-designed elevator cab can make and, in this blog, we have decided to go over a few things to consider during a renovation…

First Impressions

It is important that your elevator cab makes a good first impression on the passengers that use it. After all, the mechanics may be in tip-top condition, but an outdated and tired looking interior can make people doubt that.


Whilst design should be used for aesthetic benefits, it is important to take safety into consideration too. After all, the Equality Act of 2010 made it a legal requirement for all elevators to provide safety features like handrails for the elderly and those unstable on their feet. In addition to this, modern design can also benefit from the implementation of braille for the blind and a rear mirror in order to encourage those with a claustrophobia related elevator fear to use an elevator.


When it comes to something as important as elevator cab renovation, it is important that the right people are contacted. After all, there are many who pose as industry professionals that can actually put passengers in danger by carrying out a botched job. In order to ensure that your elevator is in safe hands, always consult the expertise of a qualified engineer to carry out renovation work.

Here at SSS, we are proud of the variety of our services. After all, we not only supply an array of elevators, we can also take care of all your modernization needs too! From a simple refurbishment to bespoke lift car designs, we can transform even the most dated elevator cabs around. To find out more information, get in contact with the best lift company on the market and speak to a member of SSS team today!