3 Reasons to modernize your elevator !


There are several major benefits to modernizing your elevator. These three benefits of modernizing your elevators are just some of the plethora of reasons to do so.




As a result of the longer lifetimes of elevators, it’s very likely that the technology in your commercial elevators is out of date. Modern elevators have destination dispatch technologies that help passengers go in the needed direction without wasted trips in the wrong direction. Other advances can also help increase efficiencies, such as learning the traffic patterns in the building and improving acceleration and deceleration rates.


Energy Costs

As with any older piece of equipment, age can steadily make an elevator require more energy to operate than a newer model. Newer models not only use less energy in operation, but they can also convert friction generated by drives into energy for later use. Another benefit is that many newer elevators don’t require a machine room, cutting back on ventilation and cooling costs. Depending on what modernizations you add, some can even come retrofitted to your existing system for energy benefits.


In commercial buildings, appearance can be key to many design and technology choices. While an older elevator has a certain feel, it may not mesh into the rest of your décor. An older-looking elevator also can take away from the comfort and security of passengers. In a commercial building, visitor comfort and security – especially for clients – can have an impact on the impression your brand gives off.