5 Great Reasons to Install Security Cameras at Your Business

5 Great Reasons to Install Security Cameras at Your Business

Here are 5 reasons to install security cameras at your business:

# Avoid the He-Said-She-Said drama

We’ve all seen those videos on Facebook and YouTube of an incident or altercation at a business that leaves the business management and owners looking like less than upstanding citizens. It’s no secret that many of these are selectively edited to portray a specific viewpoint, even if it’s not exactly the truth. Unfortunately, we live in a world where anyone with a smartphone and an ax to grind can be the downfall of your business.

Security camera systems can help protect your business by presenting the whole story to the public, allowing you to redeem the good name of your business. Since most of the security cameras that we offer also include audio recording abilities, you can even defend your business from racially or politically charged allegations. Don’t let competing narratives ruin your business.

# Loss Prevention

The most dangerous time for businesses is between Black Friday and Christmas Eve when companies experience 37 percent of their annual loss. The best way to reduce your inventory shrinkage is to install a security camera system that includes cameras in areas with high-value inventory and as well as fisheye cameras above check out areas to keep an eye on cash drawers. Prominently displayed security cameras for management review can help deter shoplifters and stop employee theft in its tracks.

# Evaluate your equipment needs

Providing employees with the tools they need to do their jobs is a key component in boosting productivity. Some perceived equipment shortages actually turn out to be the result of inefficient use, while others are disorganized workflows. While relying on frontline managers to inform you of equipment shortages is the go-to strategy for upper management at most companies, security cameras can actually provide you with objective data on equipment utilization. Auditing security camera footage to review equipment utilization allows you to determine if you need to make an expenditure on additional equipment or adjust your workflows to better utilize existing equipment.

# Safety compliance

In safety, shortcuts can lead to serious injury. Security cameras can help you catch everyday lapses that undermine the safety of your employees. Regular reviews of your security footage allow your safety team to identify potential hotspots for accidents, where additional precautions are needed and identify employees that may benefit from additional safety training.

# Reduce wait times

Driver complaints about long wait times at your dock may be a sign that your delivery dock operations aren’t running as smoothly as they should be – costing your company time and money. Motion detecting security cameras notify your dock team when drivers arrive and allow them to safely and efficiently navigate waiting for trucks to the next loading dock as soon as it becomes available.

# Need more reasons?

There’s no shortage of reasons to install security cameras in your workplace. From reducing shrinkage to eliminating inefficiencies, security cameras offer so much more than added security. Providing decision-makers with the right combination of reasons that most appeal to your business’ needs is key to getting your capital expenditure for a security camera system approved.

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