7 special ways to treat mom this Mother’s Day

7 special ways to treat mom this Mother’s Day

Everything we’ve learned throughout our lives we owe to our mothers. From day one she is your best teacher, therapist, caregiver, and friend. While one day a year is certainly not enough to celebrate all that she does, Mother’s Day is a day to treat her! You may ask, "what exactly do you do get for the woman who has done, and will continue to do, everything for me?” Not to worry, we have compiled a list of ten special things to do, and get, for your mom this Mother’s Day!

Visit your local botanical garden

The spring flowers are in bloom, with so many beautiful colors and scents to take in! This is a great place for a leisurely stroll, taking in the stunning sights, and even enjoying a little picnic with mom.

Have a family potluck

What better way to get everyone together to celebrate than a potluck! Have everyone prepare their favorite dishes, and feast on a wonderful home-cooked meal. Mom will get to relax, and enjoy the company of those she loves around her.

Take a trip to the theatre

If your mom enjoys shows and the arts, taking her to see a show at your local performing arts center maybe just the perfect thing. Every venue has a variety of performances, from bands to plays.

Pamper Mom with a spa day… at home!

Turn your living room into an at-home spa experience for mom this Mother’s Day! Set up a station for a foot soak, paint each other’s nails, and chat about her favorite things. Go the extra mile and try out a face mask, complete with cucumber slices for your eyes!

Make mom a memory book

Take a trip down memory lane, and create a personalized memory book for your mom. You can create a digital book online that can be printed in a professional format, or go old-school scrapbook style. Include photos from her childhood, grandkids, friends, and family, or even little stories from her past! She will love flipping through the pages and seeing all the amazing memories of her loved ones.

Boundless goodies

Every mom has a guilty pleasure; why not put together a gift basket of some of her favorites! Grab a nice basket, and package up some of her favorite candies, chocolates, or even baked goods for her to enjoy as she pleases. She’ll be sure to love the personal touch of this thoughtful gift.

The gift of mobility and independence

If your mom struggles with the stairs, a stairlift could be the ultimate gift for her! A great group gift, a stairlift can mean peace of mind for the whole family. Mom will be able to safely conquer the stairs, and find comfort in staying in the home she loves. There are various models available, so you’ll be sure to find one that fits her space.